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Technical Service Desk

Our Service Desk team are here to provide help and support with your Schools Internet Services.

The Service Desk will provide a unique call reference number for all incidents within two hours, and will attempt to resolve the incident within four hours.

You can contact the Service Desk team by:

Phone 0845 307 7870
Fax Fax:  01235 826 999

The SWGfL Service Desk are available
8.00am - 18.00pm, Monday - Friday.

SWGfL Office

If you would like further help, you can contact the South West Grid for Learning Office by:

Phone 0845 601 3203
Fax Fax:  01392 366494
Address  Belvedere House, 
Woodwater Park, 
Pynes Hill, Exeter

Map and Directions (PDF)
Twitter @SWGfL_Official

The SWGfL Office are available
9.00am - 17.00pm, Monday - Friday.


Our Technical Service Desk team provide help and support with your Schools Internet Services.

You can contact the Technical Service Desk team by:

  • Phone:  0845 307 7870  |  08:00am - 18:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Online:  |  24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • E-mail:  |  08:00am - 18:00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Fax:  01235 826 999  |  08:00am - 18:00pm, Monday to Friday

The Service Desk team will provide a unique call reference number for all incidents within two hours, and will attempt to resolve the incident within four hours.

When your school's Internet connection goes down there are several checks that we need to run through in order to establish what is causing the issue.

This diagram shows the basic internet connection setup for your establishment. The ICT equipment within the school (such as your PC hardware) is usually managed by your IT coordinator or local technician. All the connectivity from the router out to the Internet is managed by the South West Grid for Learning, this also includes the Network Terminating Equipment (NTE).

Visit the following, the Knowledge Library for step by step instructions on how to complete basic diagnostics to save you time before you call.

View the article here.

If you have any immediate concerns about potential illegal activity occurring in your establishment, please contact your local Police Constabulary.

If you have an e-safety related issue and would like our support, please contact the E-Safety Team:

If you have a complaint about the quality, consistency or level of service that you are receiving from us, you should address your complaint to the SWGfL Service Desk by calling 0845 307 7870. All complaints are recorded and we will strive to resolve any issues you are experiencing as soon as possible.

If you have logged a complaint with the Service Desk and are unhappy with the response that you received, or are not happy with our response time, your should call the Service Desk on 0845 307 7870 and ask for your complaint to be escalated to the Service Desk Manager, Jamie Goswell.

If you have spoken to the Service Desk Manager and are still unsatisfied with our response, or if your complaint doesn't relate to the delivery of your SWGfL Services (for example, if you have a complaint about a SWGfL Employee, ordering process, invoicing of your services.) please contact the SWGfL Senior Management Team on 0845 601 3203 or email

The SWGfL Web Team has control over SWGfL Web Sites and Applications (such as this website, 360 degree safe, Online Compass, Swiggle, SWGfL Digital Literacy, etc).

If you would like to contact the SWGfL Web Team over content error or anything else to do with your experience using any of the SWGfL web sites or applications, please email

You can join the South West Teacher Network online at

If you have an enquiry relating to education resources or initiatives please email

If you are an existing SWGfL Customer and you wish to order, cancel or change any Optional Service, such as email, web hosting, video conferencing etc. Please contact the Service Desk on 0845 307 7870, or you can e-mail,

You can review and change your optional services online via esi

If you wish to order, cancel or change your core Schools Internet Service, please contact the Schools Internet Service team on 0845 601 3203, or e-mail

If you would be interested to take up a new challenge, please submit your CV along with a covering letter to support your application to